Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Steps To Enable The DMZ Feature On Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Account

DMZ also known as demilitarized zone is defined as a physical and logical sub-network system which exposes an organization’s external facing services to a larger and non-trusted network. It can usually be the internet. It is a type to enhance connectivity as well as performance over the internet because it helps electronic signals to easily bypass a strict firewall, router security features. The feature further opens all ports for faster delivery process of data packets. Well, in this blog, steps to enable the DMZ feature on Linksys Smart Wi-Fi account has been explained in detail by expert team

Steps to enable the DMZ feature on Linksys smart Wi-Fi account

Linksys support experts usually suggest expert to remember these below given instructions points while enabling the DMZ feature on Linksys Smart Wi-Fi account:
  • If users wish to work with IP address then be sure to carefully set up a static IP address to your computer in order to expose as the IP address which lead to change. This change can occur due to setting up to the DHCP.
  • And if the router has a DHCP reservation amenity then users can make use of it instead of setting up a static IP address on their computer.
 Step 1: Login phase
  • Log in to the Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Account first with appropriate login details.
Step 2: Security option
  • Select the “Security” option from the router settings on the “Navigation” section.
  • On the security screen, you need to select the DMZ feature from the tabs and then hit the button to easily turn on the DMZ.
Step 3: Source IP Address
  • Selection of the “Source IP Address” is suggested and then, carefully enter all the correct values needed. 
Step 4: Destination IP Address

·         Enter carefully the Destination IP Address which will be your computer’s IP address to continue the set up process for DMZ feature.
  • Click the “Apply to save the changes” button and then hit OK to exit next.

If you have any queries related to any issue, please feel free to contact us at Linksys Customer Support department. We are always ready to help you as and when needed. Dial Toll-Free Number 1-800-204-6959 for any issues.


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