Monday, 12 June 2017

How To Insert New Router Behind An Existing Router? 1-8002046959 Toll-Free

In most of the cases, one can easily add a router to an existing wireless network by running a Linksys Smart Wi-Fi. Well, this blog is all about steps on how to insert new router behind an existing router which has been written down by expert professionals. All the below given steps are recommended by Linksys experts for going ahead with this process.

Steps to insert new router behind an existing router

Step 1: Connecting router’s Internet port
  • Connect the router’s Internet port to the LAN/Ethernet port on an existing router which will be an upstream router or may be even it is a gateway
  • Make a connection to the secure wireless name which will be shown in the “Quick Start Guide” section which earlier came with your router.
  • Open up a web browser and then follow all the instructions to easily complete the process of router setup. If instructions are not visible in the web browser then, enter an accurate Linksys address in the browser’s address bar
  • At the end of setup, users are advised to follow all the on-screen instructions in order to setup the Linksys Smart Wi-Fi account. 
  • As you can see that you are now known with various steps to insert new router behind an existing router, let’s move ahead to share an internet connection into a newly added network.

Step 2: Adding another router to share your Internet connection:

In order to append another router to easily share an internet connection, Linksys support expert team has recommended to perform all the below given steps.

  • Determine the type of IP address range for the upstream network and to do this, perform all the below given steps:
  1. Connect the PC device into the upstream network’s router carefully
  2. Click on the “Start, Run, type CMD” option and then hit the “OK” button. This command prompt window will appear later on
  3. Type the “ipconfig” message and then press “Enter” icon to proceed next
  4. Take a proper note of the IP address next to avoid any network glitch. 

 Step 3: This step will simply determine the address range using a Mac computer:

·         Carefully connect the computer device into your upstream network’s router cautiously
·         From the Dock section, click on the “System preferences” icon, hit “Network” icon and then tap on “Ethernet in the window” which is located to the left side. A network status window will now open.
·         Take a proper note of the IP address
·         Connect to an Ethernet network cable into a “LAN/Ethernet” port on the upstream network to your “yellow Internet port” on the router
·         Run the router’s setup CD on each of the computer which you have planned to connect to the Linksys router.

Step 4: Using their DNS:
  • Log into the “Linksys Smart Wi-Fi” first
  • Under the “Router Settings”, click on “Connectivity” issues
  •  Click on the “Local Network tab” icon next
  •  You are now advised to complete the “Static DNS fields” with all the information provided by your content filtering provider service
  •  Hit the “OK” button at last
 For more such Linksys issues encountered at your end, please get in touch with our Linksys Customer Support Department 1-800-204-6959 and get instant results to your queries